Feed Episode 2

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siobhan berryIn this episode Siobhan Berry from Mummycooks.com offers incredibly useful information for everything to do with weaning. From advice on those first spoonfuls for your baby, to a detailed step by step guide to dealing with fussy eaters, our interview with Siobhan is a must-listen for food related tips! Learn all about baby lead weaning, portion sizes and lots of practical tips to make your child’s relationship with food a really healthy and fun one!

Some of Siobhan's tips in this podcast from Nine Months On:

  • Try to relax! A relaxed parent will ensure a relaxed baby and as a result a much more positive weaning experience.
  • Colour match your fruit and vegetable for complimentary flavours, for example beetroot and plum or pear and parsnip!
  • Embrace the mess! Let your little one explore the textures of food and don’t worry about keeping their faces or clothes clean. This can really help children enjoy food and develop their palettes in a fun way.
  • Let your child be in control with finger food of hand held feeders, this will encourage independence and a great sense of achievement.
  • Batch cooking and freezing in suitable portion sizes using Babypotz will save you time and ensure your little one is well fed with your own home cooked meals

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