Teething Episode 9

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Pediatric dentist Dr. Abigail Moore chats to us about teething and how to establish great dental habits from an early age. As a busy working mum of 3, Dr. Abigail understands the difficulties involved in managing a tooth friendly diet and also the challenges involved in getting children to brush their teeth., and of course the dreaded teething phase. Prevention is her focus, and introducing your child to the dentist as early as possible to ensure a good relationship with their teeth and their dentist.

In this podcast we chat about;

  • Teething symptoms.
  • When you should ideally bring your child to the dentist for the first time.
  • Tips for great dental practices.
  • How Dr. Abigail manages juggling life as a busy working mum and paediatric dentist.
  • Busting the myth on whether or not teething actually exists?!
  • How to differentiate teething symptoms from something more serious.
  • We chat through solids, snacks, supplements and how they all affect your little ones teeth.
  • How soothers affect your child’s teeth and tips to wean your child off the soother.
  • Practical tips on helping your child cope with teething pain.

Dr.  Abigail Moore can be contacted here.

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