It takes a village – Episode 31

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sinead and PennyThe saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ is at the heart of today’s podcast. We chat to Sinead O’Moore, Mum of Penny and head of content strategy for eumom all about building your community as a parent and having the best support networks in place for yourself and your family.


We discuss:

  • How your community completely changes when you become a parent.
  • Not only does your child benefit from this support but the parents are enriched by the solidarity of a strong community network.
  • This network might be your local yoga class, your local pharmacist or your online community.
  • Listening to the advice of the village elders, i.e. those who have seen it all before.
  • Learning to quiet those doubting voices in your own mind.
  • We chat about comparison culture and our inherent competitive nature as parents.
  • How your online community is a wealth of support; but when it makes you feel bad, it’s time to take control!
  • Protect and build your bubble of positivity and don’t listen to the negativity.
  • Resilience and positivity – how to find ways to be more grateful.


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