Confidence Episode 4

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15823245_1209010762508991_670982603777363750_nHear all about how to find your confidence as a Mum with these great postnatal styling tips from The Style Fairy, Naomi Clarke.

Naomi Clarke is Mum to almost 2 year old Anabelle Ivy, creator of TSF Accessories Collection and owner of The Style Fairy Blog. A qualified fashion stylist and personal shopper, Naomi shares her advice on pregnancy styling, post natal dressing and her hero pieces for functional fashion. You can follow Naomi on Facebook, Instagram and her Blog The Style Fairy.

In this episode we discuss;

How important it is to give yourself a break, don’t be so hard on yourself. Your body has carried and delivered a new baby, you’re amazing!

Wait a while before you invest in a new wardrobe.

When you are ready to pick up a few new pieces invest in Naomi’s Hero pieces.

Always have your wardrobe in mind when you’re shopping, will something work with three or more outfits?

How to make your basics work hard with Naomis advice.

How to make the high street work to dress your bump and postnatal shape.

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