Relationship Coach Episode 18

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Annie picToday’s interview is all about your relationship with your partner after baby comes. Nine months on and baby is here, how does this affect your relationship dynamic? We chat to relationship coach and psychology lecturer Annie Lavin about the common issues new parents face within their relationship, as she shares the skills and strategies that may help with this new chapter in your lives.

In this podcast:

  • How your relationship dynamic changes once baby comes along.
  • What are the conversations we should have with our partner to prepare for this transition.
  • Understanding and accepting that this may be a challenging time in our relationship.
  • How sleep deprivation and hormonal changes affect our patience and tolerance levels!
  • Annie shares her skills and strategies that may help new parents cope with this new transition successfully.
  • The importance of alone time for a new Mum to identify how she is feeling, and likewise for your partner too.
  • How a considered conversation with your partner is so much healthier than a ‘heat of the moment’ argument.
  • Understanding that these challenging times just require navigation and do not mean your relationship is failing.
  • How important it is to make time for just the two of you – without the baby!

You can contact Annie on her website, by emailing or on 087-7727838.

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