Postnatal Depression Episode 15

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Today we are chatting to Mother of 2 and GP Dr. Emma Durkan about postnatal depression. We feel it is essential to discuss this important topic that affects so many new mums. Emma’s medical advice is invaluable as she helps us understand PND and what we can do to support affected mums; either yourself, a family member or a friend.

We discuss:

  • The factors that can contribute to postnatal depression.
  • Emma explains the baby blues and how it differs from postnatal depression.
  • How the image of motherhood may not always be what you envisaged.
  • The diagnosis procedure of PND – what is involved.
  • The signs and symptoms of post natal depression are explained.
  • How common these symptoms are and not to be afraid to talk to friends, family, your public health nurse and GP.
  • How the severity of the symptoms differ, and the various treatment options.
  • Emma explains the fears that many mums suffering with PND have.

There is a wealth of support and below we have listed how you can get in to with these resources and information sites for Postnatal Depression;

HSE web site – Postnatal Depression Page

HSE Brochure for ‘PostNatal Depression – A guide for Mothers, Family & Friends’ – Support service for people experiencing depression.

PND Ireland – A web site and support group dedicated to postnatal depression

Nurture PND – is a support and counselling service surrounding pregnancy and childbirth.

Cuidiú – Caring support for parenthood

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