Personal effectiveness Episode 20

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Sarah courtneyWe are chatting to Sarah Courtney today, a Maternity and Career Coach with a 15 year career in Human Resources within Banking, Software and EdTech. Throughout that time Sarah focused on mentoring professionals to fulfil their leadership potential, empowering their career development and retaining them within the workplace.


Today’s topic is all about personal effectiveness and getting the best from you day whether you are on maternity leave, a working Mum or a stay at home Mum.


In this podcast we discuss:

  • Clarifying your goals and the steps you need to take to achieve them.
  • Time stealers! What are the things and habits that steal your valuable time on a daily basis?
  • Sarah shares her tips on how to analyze and prioritize your day to day workload (at work or at home!)
  • Make each day count! Tips and hacks to ensure the big jobs get done and allow time for the little jobs.
  • The importance of resetting and focusing on the bigger picture in work, in life, with the aim of balance.


Learn more about Sarah’s work here


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