Mums and Tots – Episode 36

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Episode 036: Mums and Tots

Today we are chatting with the editor and publisher of Mums and Tots magazine Roberta von Meding, who is mum to Juliet, age 8, and Robyn, age 5.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • When Roberta became a first time Mum she struggled to relate to the images of motherhood represented in the media and maternity magazines available to her at the time, she made it her mission to give a real and honest vision of motherhood, and so Mums and Tots was born back in 2010.
  • We chat about preeclampsia and how it affected Roberta‚Äôs two pregnancies.
  • The psychological effect of an emergency C-Section.
  • Tips for when a baby is breach!
  • Roberta and her family travel the world as part of her role as editor of Mums and Tots, she shares super tips for travelingRoberta Image with little ones.

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