Grow Episode 14

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As your family grows from one to two children, here’s what we have learned about transitioning to this new dynamic. Mothers Aoife and Evelyn discuss how the family dynamic changes when you introduce a new baby to the family.

  • How pregnancies differ from the first time around and subsequent pregnancies.
  • Biggest advantage of second time around is you know each stage is a stage, there is light at the end of the tunnel!
  • Learning to trust your maternal instincts on a deeper level.
  • Practical advice on what you need in terms of baby gear and what you can really do without.
  • Your double travel system; what features to look out for when getting prepared.
  • How slings and carriers make life so much easier, hands free all the way!
  • We chat about how to emotionally support your first child as you prepare for baby number 2.

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