Faces by Grace – Episode 33

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Today we chat to Grace Mongey, also known as Faces by Grace; make-up artist, blogger and Mother of Sienna. Grace chats to us about motherhood, her breastfeeding journey, and the importance of maternal wellbeing.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • Graces parenting style.
  • Learning to trust your maternal instinct.
  • Tips for becoming independent and adjusting to life as a Mother.
  • Getting out and about as a new Mum – overcoming the intimidation by planning ahead!
  • Grace talks through her breastfeeding journey, and shares her tips that helped her and Sienna during this time.
  • Building resilience as a woman and a mother.
  • Mindfulness, worries, anxiety – Grace talks through her coping techniques to ensure she is a happy healthy Mum to Sienna

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