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Becky Durnin Doula Agency Dublin Family Doulas

Today we chat to Becky Durnin, the founder of Ireland's first ever Doula Agency; Dublin Family Doulas. Becky is also Mum to two wild daughters whose births sparked a passion for supporting birthing families in Ireland. Becky began teaching private antenatal classes and expanded her services upon request of her clients to supporting clients in pregnancy, through birth and into parenthood with her full service Doula agency. The ethos of Dublin Family Doulas evolved as Becky experienced how the Mommy wars can truly impact a new parent's confidence. Becky is passionate about providing unbiased, non judgmental emotional, informational and practical support to families in Ireland. Unique to the Doula industry, Dublin Family Doulas celebrate all methods of birthing, feeding and parenting. Nobody knows your families needs better than you do. Nobody know's pregnancy birth and postpartum like we do. Together we makes dreams become reality!


In this episode Becky shares her story as we learn more about Doulas and their incredibly valuable role to help empower women through pregnancy, labour and as new mothers.

We chat about how to find your new normal once baby arrives.

Hear about the growing trend of placenta encapsulation, what it’s all about.

Birth preferences and how to put a preference in place rather than a birth plan.


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