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Lisa Mooney Baby sensoryWe met Lisa Mooney, class leader and general co-ordinator for Baby Sensory in the Republic of Ireland. Lisa spends lots of time with tiny babies on a weekly basis helping them reach their developmental milestones. Your baby’s language, physical, social and emotional development is aided in Baby Sensory classes. Lisa chats to us all about the key milestones and what we can do to help our little ones develop.

In this podcast we discuss:

What is Baby sensory?

How can we heighten and aid your baby’s development to hit all the milestones?

Why do we use that funny baby voice when talking to our little ones? Lisa explains the tuning of your babies ears and why we instinctively sing-song interact with them.

Social development- new faces, voices, new surroundings help your little one build confidence.

The social element for parents, why this is so important to get out and about with a fun class.

Lisa explains how baby’s first sounds are aided by the sucking reflex, and why the common first word “Dada” is the easiest to say!

Why Tummy Time is so important and Lisa’s tips to make it that bit easier

The crawling stage, the fundamental development milestone that aids balance and coordination.

Lisa’s brilliant tip to create ‘Treasure Boxes’ at home, with no cost, that will help develop all your babies senses with items from around the home.

Toy safety – the one crucial tip about avoiding choking hazards.


To see the full timetable of Baby Sensory classes click here and check out the facebook page here or contact Lisa on 087 769 1934.

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